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The coronacrisis consumer demand transformations and price dynamics: the Russian case
2021 Ноябрь 22, 08:07
Аннотация: Coronavirus infection has rapidly taken the initiative in determining global trends. Over the past months of lockdown, there have been both sharp jumps in demand and negative trends associated with bankruptcies and savings in salary funds. However, the resulting transformations are largely determined not only by the effect of coronavirus infection, but also by the trends that have developed in the regions of Russia earlier. Therefore, it has become important to characterize the current trends in the socio-economic development and identify the factors most susceptible to crisis transformations. Fluctuations in supply and demand actively affected the price parameters of various segments of the market. The purpose of the work is to analyze the current trends in demand and assess their transformations during the crisis period, taking into account regional characteristics, to analyze price dynamics and reasoned possible directions of state policy aimed at smoothing the crisis phenomena. As a result, for five groups of regions, obtained on the basis of clustering, were determined product positions – benchmarks of socio-economic well-being. Among them: catering and leisure for more affluent regions and clothing, shoes and food for less affluent regions. There is also a group of regions where education costs play such a role. Price trends show that by the end of the year for all regions except clusters 3 and 4, we should expect an accelerated increase in prices for services, which were strenuously restrained during the acute phase of the pandemic.

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Roslyakova N. A. The coronacrisis consumer demand transformations and price dynamics: the Russian case // Global Challenges and Prospects of The Modern Economic Development / European Proceedings of Social and Behavioural Sciences EpSBS Vol. 106. DOI: 10.15405/epsbs.2021.04.02.137

DOI: 10.15405/epsbs.2021.04.02.137

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